Kasho Blue Series shears silver color.

"My Blue Series scissors were an easy choice. They’re forged to give me everything I need: KASHO’s legendary sharpness, pointiness, reliability, and strength, in a wonderful simple package."

The Blue series delivers KAHSO quality and craftsmanship in a clean and unadulterated way. Unnecessary detail is discarded, to present a streamlined instrument than can only be called iconic. The adjustable split screw is the archetype of practicality, engineered to give the stylists complete control over the cutting tension, with high reliability. Rather than concealing the screw. Blue proudly displays it between the KASHO marks, as visibly proof of the shear’s precision engineering. The Blue Series is available Offset and Straight.

Screw system: Traditional screw system

Sizes: 4.5 offset, 4.5 straight, 5.0 offset, 5.0 straight, 5.5 offset, 5.5 straight, 6.0 straight
Cutting Tool: Scissor
Handle: Straight or Offset
Left vs. Right: Right Handed

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