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Kasho Razors and Blades Creative Designing Razor with black handle


It doesn’t matter if you like to fold, or get straight to the point. Shaving or shaping, thinning or cutting, you need the right blade. For me, KASHO is the only choice — surgical sharpness, and flair.

Kasho have a diverse range of Razors for use in hairdressing and barbering. All the razors feature extraordinary sharpness and cutting durability.

The Creative Designing Razor is ergonomically designed with fixed finger eye, and folding head for increased balance and extra safety. The unique blue comb with stainless steel blade guarantees superior and safe cutting performance.

The razor and blades are an excellent tool for ‘feathering’ and razoring hairstyles.

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Kasho Captain Razor blade with black handle


The Captain Razor is a professional precision instrument suitable for shaving, hairdressing and hair tattoos.
Available in straight and fold-away designs.

The Captain Folding Razor is a professional precision instrument suitable for both shaving and hairdressing. The blade was originally designed for surgical application and features extraordinary sharpness and cutting edge durability.

Thanks to the special dispenser system the blades can be safely inserted in the razor holder.

Don’t forget to purchase your blades, with or without guards, when you place your order.

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